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Who is RID Service

RID Service is a Honduran Incorporated company and locally owned. The company offers Engineering Construction and Construction Project management. RID Service is dedicated to organizations or Individuals seeking construction services.

The success or failure of the project rests largely on the shoulders of the civil construction company contracted to work on the project. The following are several top qualities to look for when selecting a civil construction company:

We are committed to providing the best possible construction expertise & services to ensure cost-effective and successful projects.

We work closely with our clients to accurately interpret their dreams/visions in drawings and bring them to the desired reality through construction solutions to meet their needs; We communicate with our clients throughout the construction process to keep them informed of progress and to ensure that our project keeps on schedule and within budget.

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Our Vision Our Mision Our Values
A regional market leader in provision of civil engineering and building construction services.
We aim to be a world class engineering Construction Company providing efficient affordable, sustainable, cost effective services of highest level of quality.
We believe in maintaining the highest standard of professionalism, integrity, creativity, positive attitude, delivery that meets and surpass expectations while offering prompt and lasting solutions that stand the test of time.